Evan Solomon

CBC / Radio-Canada television reporter, journalist and author

A two-time Gemini Award winner, journalist Evan Solomon is at the helm of Power and Politics with Evan Solomon, Canada’s most-watched national political news show and broadcast on CBC News Network. In daily broadcasts, Mr. Solomon conducts interviews with key politicians and influencers of the day whose decisions affect our lives.

Mr. Solomon has been co-host of CBC News: Sunday and CBC News: Sunday Night, two weekly magazines on current affairs that have received a Gemini Award. As such, he has covered events around the world, from recent elections in Iran to the immediate aftermath of the tsunami in Bandeh Acheh, Indonesia, to the navy’s fight against piracy in the Persian Gulf.

Mr. Solomon also hosted two other CBC broadcasts, Hot Type and the Gemini Award-winning Futureworld, which focused on the latest developments in technology and innovation. He has been producer and host of The Change Makers series as well as the Masters of Technology series presented on PBS in the United States.

Mr. Solomon co-founded Shift, an award-winning, internationally distributed, technology and culture magazine for which he was editor-in-chief for eight years.

Evan Solomon is also a prolific writer. Among the books he has written are the bestselling Fueling the Future: How the Battle Over Energy Is Changing Everything, which was nominated for the National Business Book Award and the National Science Book of the Year, as well as Feeding the Future: From Fat to Famine: How to Solve the World’s Food Crisis. These two books have recently been jointly reissued as Food and Fuel. In addition, Mr. Solomon is the author of the popular novel Crossing the Distance and two children’s books published by Penguin Books.

Solomon has been a journalist in North America and Asia. This experience has allowed him to develop a global perspective on the topics he addresses, such as how technology influences the direction of society or the role politics plays in determining our present and future.